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Everyone can play better: Learning takes work. But that doesn' t keep the fun away. My approach to learning to play drums is based on fourteen years of having a blast with rhythm and building "good ears." You've got to listen to the rest of the band as much as to yourself. Of course, you've got to have good technique. You need to know about dynamics (how to play soft and energetic at the same time, and when to punch it.) And you need to know about the power of leaving space in the music.

The drummer and the bass player have to lay down the groove. Whatever style you play -- jazz, son montuno, samba reggae, straight rock n roll, George Clinton funk -- you have to have solid time, and you have to know how to "set up" the other players.

You start with setting up a pattern. Learn to keep a steady rhythm, then add some fills. We also work on basic rudiments, sticking and coordination exercises. You will build up technique, control and 4 way coordination.

Make your playing into music. Work on building up more complexity without losing your solid beat. We will work on making the regular beats more interesting and incorporating different styles of music..


All players get into habits; you play forms that you know will have the desired effect. At this point, you can deliberately change your style to accommodate different types of music. We can also break down some of the form that you play, and work on the underlying polyrhythms, so that your hands and feet become independent. Becoming precise with the fine points of your technique, time and touch will solidify your musicality. We can find elements of your playing that create a discernable drumming style -- something to differentiate you from the rest of the crowd.

Lesson logistics:
I provide lessons in the comfort of your home. The lesson length varies by the student's goals -- how far you want to take your ability.
Please feel free to contact me to discuss your interests, and times and rates.

RocKamp ! Summer program, teaching k ids 7 - 13 years old. I'm playing drums on this one.

Quote from parents:

At our first meeting with Taylor, it became clear that he would become one of those teachers who help to shape the strong character of our son, Riley. Taylor is a talented musician and gifted drum teacher, and the bond between teacher and student was immediate. Taylor taught Riley to study, practice and master the drums, and he inspired our son to appreciate various musical genres beyond the rock music that Riley loved.